In Transit

Ongoing since 2011 InTransit is a sound article for MUDA Magazine - Online Arts Magazine based on site recordings taken in various locations around the world.

Power of Making Film -  with Film Maker Juriaan Booij

2011 Sound Design and Composition. A three screen film installation for the Power Of Making exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. A collaboration between the V&A and the Crafts Council, the exhibition presented 100 crafted objects in a cabinet of curiosities that explored traditional and time-honoured ways of making, as well as innovations taking place around the world. From 6 September 2011 to 2 January 2012, with 320,000 visitors made Power of Making the most visited free exhibition ever staged at the V&A.

Quest Ensemble
London-based contemporary trio Quest Ensemble bring a unique take to the classical piano trio format.  A collaboration between 3 versatile performers/composers - Filipe Sousa (piano), Preetha Narayanan (violin) and Tara Franks (cello), their varied musical styles weave together a lyrical tapestry of sound, blending improvisation with co-created original compositions.

“Compositionally complex, inventive in technique, and wonderfully ambiguous in tonality, this was a joy to behold” ~Jazzwize
“The interplay of musical lines is dextrous and intriguing” ~ London Jazz News

Improvisation Duo

Filipe Sousa and Andrew Darlison have been Improvising together since 2010. They meet regularly to play, discuss and explore new ways of improvising. Along side this sort of Lab research, they have played in London and attend free Improvisation jams all around. 

Sezenyum - Was an eclectic six piece contemporary ensemble that created their own music. they performed in London, Singapore, Malaysia and Bali. 
Sezenyum were: Preetha Narayanan . Violin,  Eiko Azuma . Violin, Laetitia Stott . French Horn, Fernando Machado . Guitar, Jon Ang . Piano and Filipe Sousa . Piano