Via -Dance,Music,People & Place

Matrix - Audiovisual InstallationMatrix.htmlMatrix.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

Army of Me - Contemporary Dance / Sound installation

To Hear a Dance - Sound and Movement Research Project

The Metabolism of Postcard Racks in the City of Congestion -Site Specific Audiovisual Performance / Installation

Colour Mining Blue - Photography, Film, Sound, Music, Interviews. A Portait of Blue Town

Trichotomy - Research Project/Performance regarding the nature of collaboration

Retrospect - Animation and Music for Pianola

Temporarily Preceived as Standing Apart - Dance / Music

Under Dark Skies has been Commissioned by Foundation for Community Dance and produced by Powys Dance for the People Dancing Festival in Cardiff. The piece explores ideas of scale and time and what it means for people to look up at the night sky.

Made in Collaboration with:

Joanna Young - Artistic Director & Choreography

Filipe Sousa - Music & Sound Design

Simon Clode - Filmmaker

Gerald Tyler - Design

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