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Part of `On the Edge Of Life` for the Bath Music Festival 2009, Retrospect was a Collaboration with Callum Cooper (Animator/Film Maker)

A team of masters students from the Royal College of Art and Guildhall School of Music and Drama led by Nell Catchpole, Sophie Clements and Dan Fern created a three night performance in St Mary’s church in Bath of experimental collaborative pieces across media and art form inspired by Rapunzel’s fairytale and the human rights of children.

Retrospect is a piece about how problems during childhood generally only become apparent in retrospect and it is a graphically composed Pianola roll with added drawings that create an animation. The piece gradually grows in complexity and at the end the roll is rewinded creating the animation of a falling man through a background of ‘moving notes’.

The piece was performed live and the pianola roll was filmed and projected on a  20 foot screen.