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Working with Preetha Narayanan and Jutojo Studio - Part of “On Site” MAP Making / “OMA Process” Exhibition

Collaborative work led by Sophie Clemens and Nell Catchpole and with Dan Brown as Artistic Advisor involving Musicians and Visual Artists. Project resulted in a site specific Installation/Performance at the Barbican Ex Exhibition halls.

Kinetic light sculptures were constructed out of discarded postcard racks and other trade-fair debris like mirror-board, and pieces of card, in the soon to be dismantled Barbican Exhibition Halls. These structures, which resemble the concrete brutalist towers of the Barbican itself, were set in motion, and illuminated through several video projectors and cameras feeding back onto themselves, producing a complex interplay of light, shadows, reflections and video images on screens and the surrounding space.

Complex patterns and visual rhythms were created and "performed" live, by manipulating the card-racks and the cameras in response to the space and the surround sound using about 30 speakers and live violin, cello and viola by Preetha Narayanan, Nell Catchpole and Natasha Zielazinsky


The Metabolism of Postcard Racks in the City of Congestion